Developmental Evaluation: for Infants and young children

Your child’s first visit will include an evaluation process that looks like play, tailored to their specific needs and concerns, where we assess developmental motor skills and gain valuable insights into factors that may interfere with motor skill acquisition. This important information helps us create a customized treatment plan to successfully address delays in the early crucial years. The evaluation lasts about one hour.

Common Diagnoses:
High or low muscle tone (stiffness or excessive floppiness or poor head control)
Motor Skill delays (or concerns about motor skills)
Asymmetrical or Atypical Movement patterns
Brachial Plexus injuries
Spinal Cord Injuries
Genetic Syndromes
Cerebral Palsy
Toe walking
Prematurity/ NICU Graduate

Our goal is to help you and your child feel as comfortable as possible. While we understand that the process can be stressful, we do our best to minimize stress and facilitate open communication. You are encouraged to be actively involved in your child’s evaluation and treatment sessions. You know your child best and issues of separation can be minimized.

Treatment Sessions: for Infants and Young Children

On the day of the developmental evaluation, we will schedule follow up treatment sessions based on the findings and your child’s treatment plan. Session may be 1-2 times per week or as infrequently as 1x/ month based upon the child’s needs. Sessions are play based, functional and based on NDT facilitation using motivating toys and interactions with parents to encourage mastery of new skills. Parents will be taught specific exercises to practice skills with your child in order to help you be successful in working together at home in between sessions to maximize progress. Sessions are 45 minutes in length.

Evaluation for Teens and Children: Sports Injuries, Pain or Post Surgery

During your child or teen’s physical therapy evaluation, we will comprehensively assess their movement patterns, posture, balance and motor skills and identify underlying impairments, such as muscular weakness, flexibility, joint mobility or range of motion deficits, and then develop a customized treatment plan. The evaluation and subsequent treatment sessions are a collaborative process between the student or athlete and the therapist that aims to treat the root cause of the problem and to restore function, alleviate pain, and optimize the student or athlete’s performance while minimizing the risk of future injuries. The treatment plan developed during the evaluation is designed to help the child return to their sport or activity safely and at their best possible level of performance.
Evaluations are 60 minutes in length.

Common Diagnoses:
Overuse injuries

Knee pain
Back pain
Postural Concerns
Gait Abnormalities
Ankle sprain
Muscle Weakness
Following Surgery
After removal of a cast for a broken bone with delayed healing

Treatments Sessions: For Teens and Children

45 minutes in length. Sessions are optimized for each individual, with manual therapy, exercises and functional activities to decrease pain and improve range of motion, flexibility and strength. Scheduled 1-3x/ week or every other week, depending upon the needs of the athlete/ student. We have access to weight training and crossfit equipment as well as to a variety of cardio equipment.

At Lead Pediatric Physical Therapy, we work with our clients one on one. Each child works with the same therapist consistently. We value flexibility, ensuring that our therapists have the freedom to tailor their approaches for the best outcomes. With maturity and specialized expertise, our team is dedicated to helping children reach their full potential and achieve their goals.